Virtual events more real and engaging than ever before.

Are you looking for a workplace where you can develop yourself and grow together with our joint ambitions in a fast growing company? Check out our job openings and hopefully we can welcome you as part of our team very soon!

About Let's Get Digital

Turning physical into digital

Founded in 2017, and based in Groningen, Netherlands, Let’s Get Digital
is a trusted, creative and innovative partner for event organisers to
improve events around the world - online, hybrid and in-person.
Whether a business conference, a scientific congress, a trade fair or even
a music festival, we connect people via unique event experiences.

Behind our name, we are an international team of 46 enthusiastic people
(and counting!) who bring a distinct perspective to everything we do. We
always go one step further to make the most of our clients’ events. With
this philosophy, we’ve cooperated with over 450 companies to
realise 1000+ events globally. How do we do it? It’s not complicated. We
just focus on what matters - your unique event experience.

Our mission is to change event experiences for the better while
positively impacting people and planet.

We pursue this mission with fanaticism, enthusiasm and the willingness
to transform at our core.


What would your job interview be like?

From EventInsight to Let's Get Digital

We went from EventInsight to Let's Get digital! Before the launch of our successful product we were known as EventInsight. We and our office are still the same but our name has been updated. Want to know more about how we came there? You can read it here.

What is Let's Get Digital?


Let's Get Digital transforms the event business. We show that it's not necessary to fly all over the world to visit events and we make events accessible to wider audiences. To realize this, as an organization we are flexible: we adapt where necessary to make this transformation a reality.


Consistent in quality and performance across the board for our clients and employees. We deliver a product and service that we are proud of, which helps you to realize your remarkable event!


We get the most out of ourselves and the people we work with. In this driven working environment we do the things that we love alongside the people we are enthusiastic about working with! Only through dedication and pleasure, we achieve our goals together.

Our team

The happy people behind this company

Bas Krijgsman
Chief Experience Officer
Ruben Haring
Sales Director
Suzanne Snijder
Chief Operating Officer
Sanderyn Niemijer
The Coach
Pieter Visch
Head of Finance
John de Lang
Global Partnership Executive
Robin Noordijk
Partner Account Manager
Tim Schaafsma
Sales Consultant NL
Jördis Uden
Sales Consultant DE
Benedict Schäfer
Sales Consultant DE
Gorbi Loges
Sales Consultant DE
Yoana Petrova
Sales Support
Rhys Williams
Partner Support
Adrian Enders
Support Engineer
Jack Storey
Tech Support
Bas Top
Back-end Developer
Damian Puister
Back-end Developer
Ewout Eggens
Back-end Developer
Joey Roeters
Back-end Developer
Djurre de Boer
Back-end Developer
Pascal Huberts
Back-end Developer
Kasper van Eerden
Graphic Designer
Lars Bodewes
Team Manager Delivery
Anastasia Mikulcik
Product Owner
Maaike Westerman
Delivery Consultant NL
Noëmi Huberts
Delivery Consultant NL
Tim Nguyen
Delivery Consultant DE
Saskia Kiss
Delivery Consultant DE
Julia Ito Landers
Office Manager
Wijbranda van der Sluis
Dollie the Dog
Sr. Sleep Executive
Zoë the Dog
Entertainment Manager

Working Remotely

Working remotely for Let’s Get Digital!

We believe in the power of going digital. Let’s Get Digital facilitates events on an international scale with great success. We do this for events that can be hosted digitally, physically or in a hybrid format. We know from experience that these three approaches work for the events of our clients; therefore, we believe they will also work for our talented colleagues. For us, it would only make sense that talented individuals can also join us on a remote basis.

With that in mind, we offer the same options to our colleagues as our customers: working digitally (online), physically (in the office) or a mixture of both (hybrid). 

  • Do you live in Europe? Great, digital is the way to go!

  • Do you live in the Netherlands, but not near Groningen? Great, hybrid would be perfect!

  • Do you live in Groningen (area)? Great, you can come to join us in the office!

  • Do you live outside of Europe? Also great; we’re working on making that a possibility in the future!

How does it work?

  1. Apply to a position that suits your talents.

  2. Go through our selection process.

  3. If you’re hired, let’s get started!

  4. Let’s go on a trip. Our office is situated in Groningen, in the north of The Netherlands. We want to invite you to join the physical team in Groningen (for 2 weeks), to get you onboarded and accustomed to all things Let’s Get Digital! In these 2 weeks you will: meet everyone on the physical & online teams, get all the essential information you need, work together with your new colleagues and get all the tools you need for your trade. Travel and stay expenses will of course be taken care of by us!

  5. For our remote workers, we want to organize at least 1 working week per half-year on location in Groningen. The other week will be hosted outside of Groningen and the location will be a surprise! During these weeks it won’t just be work - we also facilitate fun get-togethers and activities. If you are in the area, you are (of course) more than welcome to join us more than the standard 1 week per half-year.

  6. After successfully onboarding, you’ll be a full member of the Let’s Get Digital team! You’ll join us in our daily routine and work together in the setting that best suits your circumstances. 

What do we expect from you?

Working remotely comes with responsibilities and some conditions, which will make sure that the collaboration works smoothly.

  • You must have a good working space, in which you can focus and also join (daily) online meetings. Therefore a stable internet connection is essential. If you work outside of the office for the most part, you are responsible for your own hardware.

  • You are experienced in your field of work; junior employees (0-1 years of work experience) won’t qualify. This is due to the guidance that is needed and the working routine that needs to be developed.

  • You are a self-starter. You can plan and work independently (if needed) and have a track record in doing so. 

  • Having experience working remotely is an advantage.

Our office

It's not just an office, it's heaven.


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